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Hot Sync Free Spins:25

If you seek to play Hot Sync for real money, this visually fascinating title is available at Ladbrokes, which apart from Hot Sync and other modern releases offers promotions like the unique 300% bonus that may amount to £ 300 that will fall into your Ladbrokes account as soon as the MAXPROMO Ladbrokes bonus code is entered into an assigned field.

Spin ’till you win with Ladbrokes’s special offer of 25 Ladbrokes free spins, awarded in addition to its £ 300 300% new player bonus you’ll get from Ladbrokes for becoming their customer. A bonus code MAXPROMO is what activates these two promos.

Wondering how to make use of the MAXPROMO promo code? Here’s the deal: register an account with Ladbrokes – which takes a couple of minutes. Then, type: MAXPROMO into an adequate field. From that point on, you can play QuickSpin games and enjoy an array of loyalty promos. You’ll find a 300% Ladbrokes welcome bonus, worth up to £ 300 depending on your deposit. The Ladbrokes free spins complete this generous offer – you’ll receive 25 of them rewarded to your account.

Ladbrokes 300% Sign-up Bonus

What’s an online casino without a bonus? An empty casino. Therefore, it’s no wonder Ladbrokes welcomes all new players with a special offer available once you use the bonus code: MAXPROMO. You can enjoy a generous Ladbrokes welcome bonus to prolong your spinning of Hot Sync’s reels.

There’s a 300% Ladbrokes bonus, available for all new customers. For this Ladbrokes welcome bonus you need to deposit a minimum of £5, paid via your Paypal or Skrill, up to the maximum amount of £ 300. This means that for every £5 you deposit to your Ladbrokes account, the casino will give you another 300% more or £5 in cash. Sounds like a good offer.

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Hot Sync Intro

Available in Ladbrokes, this intricately designed slot involves numerous characteristics that players love – the Casino theme which appeals to so many worshippers of Fruit Machine-themed games, special features that add thrill to the game, as well as 20 paylines that may bring you the enormous £100000 in a blink of an eye.

Hot Sync Online Details

Don’t think for a second that this Fruit Machine related slot is made just for Fruit Machine lovers – it can put a smile on all video slots fans’ faces. And we’re gonna tell you why.

It seems easy to win on Hot Sync when you take a look at its 11 symbols and extra features like those free spins, as well as prize-boosting wilds and scatters, the RTP rate of 96.29% and 20 paylines that combine to pay out up to £100000.

There’s no classic jackpot in this 20-payline title, but you can win an attractive 500x bet per line as the max prize.

Joining an online casino such as Ladbrokes takes seconds – a simple registration could bring you Hot Sync’s numerous rewards. In addition, you can enjoy this 5-reeler anywhere you want. Namely, Ladbrokes has a mobile app that’s lets you play on the go. Besides, this online casino offers a sign-up bonus in exchange for the MAXPROMO bonus code.


Released back in 2017, Hot Sync is a game developed by QuickSpin, which has always attracted numerous players. This video slot is updated regularly, implying that QuickSpin makes sure it always runs without glitches.

Guide to Playing

The following are the rules of Hot Sync:

  • The 20 paylines pay out left to right, which isn’t applicable for the Scatter
  • You can expect a win if you have at least 3 identical symbols on a payline
  • The least amount of coins you can stake is £0.4
  • Should you hit several winning lines, the best paying one is what you’ll get
  • The amount of free spins can amount to 8
  • Hot Sync has wilds that can take the place of regular tiles, but not the place of a scatter symbol
  • A Scatter will give out a payment no matter where it falls
  • The gamble feature isn’t available during the autoplay nor for the maximum winners
  • In case of a glitch, the current play and prizes will become void

How to Play Slots

The following are brief instructions regarding Hot Sync. The basics are that you need the minimum 3 of a kind symbols along one of 20 paylines to win something. Furthermore, Hot Sync’s 5 reels and winlines pay out left to right, offering plenty of winning opportunities.These rules apply to many slot games, so keep them in mind if you want to play QuickSpin slots online.

Getting into and finding the best place to play Hot Sync can be baffling. Ladbrokes could make this less baffling with its 300% welcome bonus for joining, which grants up to £ 300 at the time of your first payment. Just use the MAXPROMO promo code, start playing and enjoying Ladbrokes.

So, why not try Hot Sync for real money, when this QuickSpin slot could award you with up to £100000 of cash money. At Ladbrokes, you can play this video slot right away on their flash website, and on your mobile device.

Ladbrokes gives you the opportunity to play this 20 paylines slot for free, both on your computer and your mobile device. The free play mode is available online, without download, as well as via Ladbrokes app.

When you get to playing Hot Sync, you need to choose your bet. QuickSpin conveniently included bet size options to set the bet amount. The Spin button is your next stop – Hot Sync’s reels will start when you press it. 3 matching symbols are needed to win, but 5 of them are required for a big win.

5 alike symbols on the reels of Hot Sync bring major prizes. To win, you should activate 20 paylines. It’s worth noting that in this 5-reeler, the maximal number of paylines is always active.

Here’s a Step-by-step Breakdown:

  • Usually, you need to select your paylines first.

Hot Sync has 20 paylines which spread across its 5 reels. The cool thing is that the 20 paylines are fixed, meaning you can’t bet on any less than that. And this is for the best, trust us.

The direction to look out for is left to right, because that’s how this slot’s 20 paylines will pay you. Also, you should know that Hot Sync has more than 20 paylines.

  • Your stake amount should be your next decision.

Coinis expressed in cash, including in Hot Sync, and it’s usually you who chooses it. QuickSpin, however, decided to make this video slot with a fixed coin sum of £, allowing you to enjoy real money play at Ladbrokes immediately.

The coin size is irrelevant because in Hot Sync it is fixed to . Regardless, Hot Sync’s best prizes are yours for the taking, including a top line bet winning of 500x.

  • Following the bet size, you should set up the line bet amount.

There’s only one coin per line value to choose in Hot Sync – 1. Perhaps more will be available in some new versions of Hot Sync.

There is no choice in the number of paylines being played at each spin. Only all 20 paylines can be activated. Maybe QuickSpin will change this in later Hot Sync versions.

It’s easy to tweak your bet in Hot Sync – simply set your preferred amount using a designated button.

Using this option, you can set your Hot Sync line bet to vary from £0.02 to £10 per line, a perfect range for Ladbrokes punters who like higher stakes.

  • If you’re ready to go, press Spin and watch the 20 paylines at work.

With this done, you are ready for Hot Sync’s exciting gaming experience. Watch its 5 reels spin and expect some nice prizes. QuickSpin also made auto-play available. Push the Spin button and enjoy up to 1000 automatically played rounds.

The auto play mode in this QuickSpin game is quite user-friendly. This slot with a Fruit Machine theme includes automatic spins with cash limitation. Hot Sync players’ll thereby have no unplanned expenses.

  • The next two buttons to dedicate attention to are those for this video slot’s volume and full screen options.

It’s interesting to note that Hot Sync lacks the full screen button. This unusal QuickSpin’s decision may surprise many players. Similar 20 paylines games usually contain this useful technicality.

You can use the mute button to turn off this video slot’s sounds and play in peace.

As for the volume of its sounds, Hot Sync is not very flexible. For this Casino-themed game, players have merely on and off options.


QuickSpin gave this slot 11 regular symbols, and from the highest paying to the lowest paying, they are:

  • The Diamond
  • The Seven
  • The Star and Bell
  • The Watermelon
  • The Plum, Lemon and Cherry pays the least among the 11 icons.

But that’s not all. The 5 reels also carry some bonus tiles:

  • The Bonus Game that gives you free spins
  • The Bonus Game – the scatter symbol
  • the helpful Wild tile
  • the special symbol which is designed as the Hot Sync tile

It is possible to win up to coins if Lady Luck is smiling upon you. 5 of the highest winning – Diamond images, which is Hot Sync’s best symbol, will suffice to get 500x bet per line. But to win those £100000 is to make an investment – all 20 paylines active, and 10 staked on each of the lines.

Remember this symbol because it is the highest paying one:

play Hot Sync for real money

The next top win may come from the Seven being the second highest-paying symbol. To win 300x your stake, it is enough to put £0.02 per line, however huge prizes like £3000 can also be yours if you place £10 bet per line and 5 such symbols appear on a line. Don’t forget that there is also the Star and Bell symbol and its valuable prizes. You can win 200x stake on as low wagers as £0.02 per line. The payouts may reach £2000 when you opt for the maximum bet of £10 and get 5 of these symbols per line.

Plenty of chances to win money in Hot Sync – you have the Watermelon tile that rewards punters with a 125x multiplier. QuickSpin included a special symbol – the Hot Sync that carries a x multiplier. And if all fails, you can still hope for the Plum, Lemon and Cherry, which is the lowest paying symbol which will multiply you bet by 100x.

More awards may come from Hot Sync’s wild feature that delivers up to massive 1000x line bet to your account and replaces other 11 symbols. This 20-line online slot made sure the Wild is one of its most welcomed features.

Keep your eyes on the reels for the Wild, but remember that this video slot contains a scatter symbol too. So, these Hot Sync’s special tiles make a superb match. Also, x total bet can be yours if Bonus Game symbols appear anywhere on those 5 reels.

While you are spinning these 5 reels, the free spins symbol – Bonus Game may come your way and enhance your Ladbrokes account.


This Fruit Machine game is classified as a video slot that spins 5 reels and pays on 20 paylines.

The paylines extend across 5 reels of this QuickSpin game to form winning combos.

This is quite an efficient way to handle this 5-reeler’s bets.

play Hot Sync online Play now at Ladbrokes 

Payline Rules

  • If you want to know whether you are winning, watch the left to right direction.
  • When you get 3 symbols that match, this will get you a win.
  • When the Wild symbol appears it indicates that 11 symbols could be replaced by it.
  • It doesn’t matter where the Bonus Game is positioned, it will still pay.
  • Winning several wins on one line means only the top prize will be paid.
  • In addition, QuickSpin established fixed bet lines – so you can win like a boss!

The Reels

One of the reasons why this QuickSpin slot’s perfect for everyday play are its 5 reels, which take a traditional movement direction – downward. Moving from top to bottom, Hot Sync’s reels won’t necessarily drag your Ladbrokes balance in that direction, too. On the contrary, this video slot may boost it significantly.

This QuickSpin title involves 11 symbols, which include the Wild substitute as well as a scatter symbol. In addition, the game’s Hot Sync symbol, brings some nice winnings, too.

The Fixed Hot Sync Jackpot

You won’t find those coveted online slot jackpots in this Fruit Machine slot, but the 500x betting line multiplier makes up for the Hot Sync jackpot, as well as the £100000. So, no, you won’t notice the jackpot missing.

All you Need to Know About the Progressive Jackpot Bonus

No use dwelling over the lack of a progressive jackpot. You have a £100000 prize to get to. Not to mention all those fantastic special bonuses.

Classic and Video Slots – Which Are Better and Why

Hot Sync is a contemporary video slot. This QuickSpin game comes with intricate visual effects, including clever animations and cool auditory noises.

Is Hot Sync a 3D Slot?

Absolutely not. QuickSpin didn’t invest that much effort into Hot Sync, but it’s nevertheless a cool 5-reel slot with interesting features. Besides, many QuickSpin video and classic slots pay better than 3D ones.

Info on Hot Sync Download

If you have an account with the Ladbrokes, you are entitled to play the Hot Sync game as you see fit. The regular payout nature of the game adds to the fun from this QuickSpin game. There’s a choice of online or downloadable versions, with your Ladbrokes account being all you need to play the Hot Sync game. This partiuclar version of Hot Sync has a free version you can play. Be wary, though, as in demo play Ladbrokes won’t offer you any real cash winnings.

Buttons and Controls

This 5 reeler has a set of buttons and toggles for you to use, and here’s what they are:

Most Important Button? Spin Button!

Take any contemporary slot game, such as Hot Sync, and see which button is pressed the most. It’s always the game starting button, which is known by many a name, including Spin, Play, Start, or Go. However, in this 5-reeler, it’s known as the Spin, and it starts the reels, which may bring coins, which is Hot Sync’s largest prize. Remember, all it takes is a single click! To keep Spin from feeling lonely, there are also:

  • A mute button
  • A dedicated bet value control
  • Info button which will take you to the rules page
  • The paytable icon

Turbo Mode

Are you in a rush to catch the 500x multiplier? You wish Hot Sync’s reels could be accellerated, bringing you £100000prompter? You need to look for the Turbo button.

However, this QuickSpin title doesn’t feature one, which doesn’t diminish the 5 reels effectiveness.

The Info Button

If you seek more in-depth information about Hot Sync and its characteristics, use the Info tab QuickSpin installed to keep you informed. It’s situated on Hot Sync’s dashboard and contains its paytable, rules and other details QuickSpin thought would be of use while playing Hot Sync.

Autoplay Feature

Autoplay is a relevant element in all animated video slot games. It is included in the majority of slot games at Ladbrokes, meaning that players can play their video releases with no spinning by hand; but also, QuickSpin’s Autoplay setting is reset automatically when it stops spinning. Obviously, when QuickSpin created this title, they had their players’ convenience in mind, as this scintillating Casino-style slot has Autoplay, a setting that is able to spin the maximum 1000 times but also has an adjustable stop feature. This means that players can take advantage of the 96.29% RTP rate, cashing in a great deal of prizes without doing anything themselves.

If you like playing hard and fast, then Autoplay is what you need, as this QuickSpin game is offering this option for those who are like you! But also, in Hot Sync it’s easy to use, as well as versatile.

You can stop Hot Sync’s reels from spinning at any given point, like when

Thanks to this, Ladbrokes players can set a budget by limiting Hot Sync’s Autoplay to a certain amount of money.

The Lowest Bet Amount

If you are planning to open an account at Ladbrokes and utilize the bonus code you received as a welcoming gift, first make sure that you know all the details on the required minimum bet in order to play this modern slot.

Since Hot Sync doesn’t involve a Bet One toggle, which QuickSpin should have installed to let you select £0.02 by clicking on it, this Fruit Machine-styled slot requires you to do it manually.

The smallest amount you can bet is £0.02. When you multiply this by all of the slot’s 20 lines you will stand to win £0.4.

You’re looking at a slot with 20 lines and they are fixed, meaning you can’t reduce that number for placing bets. To cut the long story short – this is a good thing. It will enable you to take home all the bonuses that are up for grabs.

Max Bet

Since QuickSpin didn’t include a one-click button for the max Bet, Hot Sync requires you to the maximize the wager yourself. On this 5-reeler’s bet menu, there’s the option to place 1 coins per line, which means coins per spin when 20 lines are activated. In cash terms, it’s £200 if you select the maximum coin bet – £.

Hot Sync RTP Stats

Many players don’t understand how Hot Sync’s RTP works. Based on payouts over time, video slots’ Return to Player rate ranges between 93% and generous 96%, practically returning up to £96 on average for every £100 wagered. Therefore, it’s not related to winning 93% to 96% of the time, but rather to Hot Sync’s generosity in terms of cash.

Having a top-notch Hot Sync RTP of 96.29%, it’s no wonder this slot is so popular among Ladbrokes players.

Special Symbols

Let us just mention that Hot Sync has the Wild and the Bonus Game symbols, but we won’t go into details here – read on and we will explain everything. There are a lot of video slots, but this one has something special – the Hot Sync symbol, which is there to give you the x line bet multiplier.

Scatter Symbol

If you spin the 5 reels, you just might get lucky and pull the the Bonus Game scatter which will get you the line betx miltiplier. Hot Sync sure is full of surprises – the the Bonus Game scatter is more than meets the eye. Namely, it will award you with free spins.

This is what it looks like:

play Hot Sync for free

Meet Hot Sync’s Wild Side

Hot Sync has a cool little trick designed to increase your odds of pocketing a lot of cash. It’s called the Hot Sync wild symbol. And this is what it does for you: if you get 4 Watermelon symbols and, as you know, you need to have 5 of them, this wild will slide in and replace one of the line’s tiles as if it were a Watermelon tile. And this is how you will win 125 times your line’s bet.

win real cash on Hot Sync

When you see the image above it means you’ve hit the Wild.

The Expanding Wild

Even though expanding wilds are hugely popular, QuickSpin failed to make Hot Sync with one. But while playing it, Ladbrokes players will discover some other exciting features.

Finding Stacked Wilds in this 20-payline Slot

As you may have noticed, this Fruit Machine slot lacks the stacked wild symbol. However, you may find that the 500x line bet multiplier is enough of a reason to keep playing Hot Sync.

Hot Sync Symbols that Spread over All 5 Reels

The fact that Hot Sync’s reels feature no overlay wild doesn’t hurt this 20-liner’s attractiveness; its major prize, 500x line bet is available in every spin.

Does This QuickSpin Slot Have a Paytable?

All the prize info you need about Hot Sync is contained in the paytable, activated with a single click, which contains the details about the QuickSpin slot’s special features, rules and most importantly – 11 symbols and their payouts. Lining up the minimum 3 symbols will result in a payout; but 5 of them on one of the 20 winlines will pay you well – up to 500x line bet, awarded by the top paying Diamond symbol. Hope to see many of these Hot Sync tiles, right? But the 2nd best paying, Seven symbols, have amazing prizes, too – match 5 of them and you’ll get a hefty 300x line stake multiplier. Then, winning 200x line bet is also lucrative; that’s exactly what the Star and Bell will give you for winning 5 of them on an active line. Getting the Watermelon and the wins is easier and less paid, but 125x and x line stake multipliers are a good addition to Hot Sync balance. And even the lowest paying among the 11 symbols, which comes in shape of the Plum, Lemon and Cherry awards a prize worth mentioning: 100 times your stake per line.

Wondering how it works in practice? Well, Hot Sync will pay you £2 whenever you line up 5 of Plum, Lemon and Cherry symbols on one of its 20 lines. The same goes for other symbols – 5 Star and Bell tiles will bring you £4. And there’s always the top prize – £10 that you’ll get for hitting 5 of a kind Diamond symbols on one of the lines.

Hot Sync online free Play now at Ladbrokes 

Setting Up the Bet Size

Select your bet in a few ways – QuickSpin made the process fairly easy for Hot Sync players:

  • Your stake will be as big as you want it to be
  • The cash sum bet on a line is up to you

This is a 20 lines slot, and all these lines will be active while you’re spinning those 5 reels. You can’t choose to turn any of them off, i.e. the number is pre-established.

This slot has 20 paylines and a neat button that puts you in charge of your bet size – the Bet Value. If you click on it, it will give you a choice of selecting how big you are going to go with your stake. The smallest number of coins you can have per line is 1. This will bring your wager to . But, if you feel confindent enough you can set the number of coins at 1 which takes your total bet to . Simply put, this video slot will let you win big if you dare to play big.

Does Hot Sync Let Me Pick Out the Coin Value?

Need help with calculating your Hot Sync bet? Ok, here’s the breakdown:

Hot Sync’s Total Win Multiplier

There’s a number of video slots that feature a winnings multiplier. Hot Sync’s 100x to 500x line stake multipliers shouldn’t be mixed with it – is a special feature of its own. However, QuickSpin didn’t include a multiplier into this 20-line slot. Even though many video slots involve it, Hot Sync is left without it.

Special Features in Hot Sync

Can We Get Bonus or Free Spins in Hot Sync?

The Bonus Feature

Unfortunately, Hot Sync doesn’t involve a bonus feature. But QuickSpin threw in free spins to give Hot Sync some edge and boost winnings.

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Getting Hot Sync’s Gamble Feature

You may have seen a gamble feature in some 20 paylines slots. But this one doesn’t have it. This is a nice Fruit Machine game that will not tempt you to risk it all in one click.

Some Basic Information on Hot Sync Free Spins

It’s not a rare occurence for online casino players to get mixed up between Hot Sync free spins, that are a constituent part of the game and Ladbrokes free spins, that are offered as a bonus. Sites like Ladbrokes might offer you free spins as a promo, so the 25 will be there for you on sign up to Ladbrokes, so you might be lucky enough at this QuickSpin game to earn yourself some nice cash. On top of this, many casinos offer a free play feature. You should be aware that playing Hot Sync as free play won’e win you any cash for your Ladbrokes balance. So if you want to win real money, play QuickSpin games for real.

This QuickSpin slots game gives you the opportunity to win 8 free spins. Making this particular game – Hot Sync – a potentially profitable one for you.

Playing Hot Sync will provide you free spins. However, 8 may not measure up to what’s expected from Ladbrokes when it comes to the number of spins you get. QuickSpin has many other games with more free spins, so this video slots game isn’t really at the top of the list for generosity. On the other hand, Ladbrokes does offer a fairly decent 25 free spins bonus for use on QuickSpin slots games through use of the bonus code: MAXPROMO. And you’ll probably find that Hot Sync’s free spins offer a good payout – which may be some form of QuickSpin making up for the low number of spins on offer. You can win as much as

Visual Experience

Superior graphics make this QuickSpin slot stand out from the crowd. Its Casino-related feel is almost palpable. Ladbrokes players can enjoy the admirable design and Hot Sync’s manifold playing options that allow you to:

  • see Hot Sync’s paytable
  • pick bet size
  • initiate Auto Spin
  • mute Hot Sync’s volume completely
  • access Hot Sync rules

How to Play Ladbrokes Slots for Real Money:

Given that this Casino-themed title involves amazing graphics, and various special features, Hot Sync is guaranteed to provide you with fun. However, those 20 lines don’t provide real prizes in Ladbrokes’s fun mode, so if winning £100000 is your thing, opt for real money play.

Real Money Play Key Steps

Want to enjoy the prizes in this 5-reel slot for real? Then opening an account with Ladbrokes, which requires about 5minutes of your time is your next step. Just follow these steps:

  • Pay a visit to the Ladbrokes website
  • Click on the sign up field
  • Fill in all the required fields in the form
  • Type in voucher code: MAXPROMO and get a Ladbrokes welcome bonus of 300% up to £ 300 and 25 free spins
  • Deposit £5 or more
  • Start spinning Hot Sync and winning on its 20 lines

Withdrawing Your Prize Money

When it comes to withdrawing your wins from this 20 paylines slot, the process is quite straightforward: just withdraw the winning from your Ladbrokes account via Paypal or Skrill, or another method. Just try not to spend it in one go! And ask the Ladbrokes customer support if you have any limit-related questions.

Qualifying for the 300% bonus requires a playthrough amount of 40 x the bonus amount. Following this, you can cash out your winnings from this QuickSpin slots game. Make sure you stick within the Terms provided by Ladbrokes, as well, which you’ll find on their site, rather than in the Hot Sync game’s info, which is different.

Does Hot Sync Come in Free Play?

Hot Sync online free play at Ladbrokes is a great experience, whether you choose Ladbrokes online or mobile site.

Do you want to take this video game for a spin? To use the Hot Sync free version first register at Ladbrokes. Yet, if the 500x line bet multiplier is what you have your heart set on, go to Hot Sync real money play.

As well as playing this great video slot in Hot Sync online free play mode, you can swap quite easily to the cash version of this game. Just deposit the minimum cash amount of £5. While this isn’t a lot, the Hot Sync game has a quite low £0.02 minimum bet per line, so you could play for a while. Ladbrokes will also give you as much as £ 300 as a welcome bonus, by entering the MAXPROMO bonus code in the right field on the site or in its mobile app.

Ladbrokes No Deposit Bonus

You won’t get an offer for a Ladbrokes no deposit bonus currently. The bonus amount they offer through Ladbrokes at the mo requires you to make a deposit. Hot Sync doesn’t need much to start playing, though, with £5 being all it takes to start spinning the 5 reels on Hot Sync.

Dedicated Ladbrokes App for Slots

What’s the Hot Sync app for? Hot Sync and all of its fabulous features, £100000 wins, 96.29% Hot Sync RTP rate, and lively graphics are available on a Ladbrokes app, that lets you play on iOS, Android, Windows devices and keep the feel of desktop quality.

Don’t hesitate to play Hot Sync through a specially designed Ladbrokes app for Apple users. Available on Ladbrokes site and iTunes, this iOS app offers ultimate Hot Sync experience within a few taps.

All QuickSpin slots, along with this intricately designed one can be played on Android devices via a simple Ladbrokes app. Once you download it, you can spin the 5 reels wherever and whenever you like.

Strangely, not many casinos offer apps for Windows Phones. But Ladbrokes does, enabling the users of Microsoft Lumia and the likes to enjoy Hot Sync on the go.

One thing you should beware of if you want to play Hot Sync online is that you should always download a verified Ladbrokes app, which is free of charge. Any apps offering QuickSpin slots for a fee are fraudulent.

Play Hot Sync Mobile with a Ladbrokes Bonus

Not that bonuses are an absolute must, but Ladbrokes’s mobile app is simply not as appealing without a Hot Sync mobile bonus. QuickSpin, fortunately, included a nice prize pool into Hot Sync, which offers up to £100000 in hard cash. That should keep you motivated to play.

The Top Win

In order to know what is the most Hot Sync can pocket you, you need to do a bit of math. You have the Diamond which is the highest paying symbol – it will multiply your bet 500 times. So if you wagered 1 coins on a line, and if the value of a coin is £, then this Fruit Machine slot will boost your account by coins. For details about the rest of 11 regular symbols, check the paytable overview which is represented with the paytable icon.

Hot Sync Strategy

When it comes to winning on Hot Sync, it’s best to keep one thing in mind – there’s no special recipe for winning on video slots in general, including Hot Sync. Since every spin is absolutely random, determined by QuickSpin’s certified RNG, there’s no strategy that could help you win more frequently. Hence, the best thing to do is to pay close attention and keep yourself as informed as possible about the rules, strategies, tips and tricks in Hot Sync in order to play this QuickSpin slot the best you can.

Of course, you might decide you want to upgrade and start playing with real cash. Which is where we suggest you proceed with caution. Set yourself an amount you’re happy to spend on your online casino entertainment. Maybe you should base this on how much you’d spend on a night out? Or a trip to the cinema? Whatever you decide, we suggest you set a limit, both in terms of time and money, and stick to it.

When encountering this delicately designed game for the first time, you should know that its rewards are constant, though not too high. Hot Sync’s RTP of 96.29% makes this game even more attractive. Ladbrokes keeps its part of the profits from these 5 reels, but players don’t get short of valuable Hot Sync rewards.

Playing these brightly-lit games isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, of course. But we’ll wager that, having read this far down our review, you’re more than likely to be the sort of person who does enjoy this form of entertainment. So why not treat yourself to a bit of ‘me time’ and have a go on the slots – in free play mode or with real cash. But remember, whichever mode you choose, you should always be in it for the fun of it, not because you think you’ll end up winning the big one. Good luck!

Some Basic Facts about QuickSpin:

  • Established: 2011
  • Founder: Daniel Lindberg
  • Headquarters: Drottninggatan 95 A Stockholm, 11360
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Online Gaming, Gaming Products & Software Solutions, Mobile Gaming
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